No Rabbit Left Behind Society

Non-profit Society helping abandoned and other rabbits, through rescue, refuge, education and advocacy, until there is no rabbit left behind in need.
NRLB rabbit logo (2)No Rabbit Left Behind’s mission is to improve the lives of rabbits in general, with a special focus on pet rabbits that are abandoned.
This includes the issues of:
1.  Rabbit Abandonment.
2.  Providing for the needs of Rabbits:  shelter, food, water, veterinary care, attention, affection and behavioural.
3.  Ten year commitment necessary to have a Rabbit.
4.  Importance of spaying and neutering of Rabbits.
5.  Indiscriminate sale of Rabbits via pet stores, breeders and online sites versus screened adoption.
6.  Rabbits given as gifts at Easter, Christmas and other occasions.

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How NRLB Began

  My Journey… or How I Fell Down the Rabbit Hole like Alice in Wonderland It all started with a rabbit…actually two rabbits.  A rabbit named Lucky and a rabbit named Dodger.  I discovered Lucky and Dodger while taking leisurely walks in a local park.  Lucky and Dodger were just two of the many rabbits … Continue reading How NRLB Began