The Story

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The Rabbit Rescuers is the story of 10-year-old twins Kate and Zack, who must leave behind their home in the city for a new and unfamiliar life in the suburbs. All seems lost until they meet up with their new next door neighbours, quirky cousins Paityn and Marijane, and new school friend Nya. Together they begin a series of adventures surrounding their efforts to befriend and help some pet rabbits who have been abandoned in a neighbourhood park.

At first the human friends enjoy some fun and carefree times with the rabbits, but gradually they begin to develop a deeper understanding of the harsh reality of the rabbits’ lives. The friends resolve to help the rabbits, but to do so they must experience the hardships and pain the rabbits endure right along with them.

Just as daily life in the park proves to be one harrowing experience after another for the rabbits, rescuing them becomes a difficult and dangerous undertaking for the humans. However the members of the newly formed ‘Rabbit Land Club’ are determined and they give their hearts and efforts fully in their commitment to rescue the rabbits. The rabbits in turn help the children and they all grow and learn together about friendship and life, suffering and happiness, and how through giving to others, you also give to yourself.

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