How NRLB Began


My Journey…

or How I Fell Down the Rabbit Hole like Alice in Wonderland

It all started with a rabbit…actually two rabbits.  A rabbit named Lucky and a rabbit named Dodger.  I discovered Lucky and Dodger while taking leisurely walks in a local park.  Lucky and Dodger were just two of the many rabbits I regularly saw there, however these two caught my attention as they appeared to be hurt.

Not having expert knowledge about rabbits, I contacted a lady named Lisa from the Small Animal Rescue regarding Lucky. I described and sent photos of Lucky to Lisa, expressing my concerns.  However, I was happily informed that Lucky would be just fine.

Dodger however was an entirely different story.  Dodger was clearly injured as he had one infected eye that was closed tightly and oozing pus.  I began to look for assistance with my attempts to rescue Dodger.

Volunteers from both the Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and the Small Animal Rescue came out and assisted with my efforts to catch the “dodgy” Dodger.  Finally, with the assistance of a local rabbit rescuer, Krystal, we caught Dodger and he received veterinary care for his infected eye.

I met Lucky and Dodger at the beginning of my journey into the land of abandoned rabbits and rabbit rescue.  Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, my entry into this land was accidental. However once inside, there was no going back. Bandaids for Bunnies was founded in Sept. 2011, and then No Rabbit Left Behind Society was established. I regularly made the rounds checking on and feeding the abandoned rabbits living on the streets and in the parks, and rescuing those who were injured, sick, or in immediate danger. I wrote letters and articles and gave interviews about the abandoned rabbit situation to local newspapers and other media.  Over the next several years I became involved in numerous initiatives, all with the goals of helping the rabbits, educating about the rabbits, and bringing awareness to their plight here in Richmond, B.C. 

Several years have gone by now since I entered this world of abandoned rabbits, rabbit rescue and rabbit welfare. I have met many thoughtful, caring and dedicated individuals who work hard to help rabbits everywhere. But with so many rabbits continuing to be abandoned in the parks and on the streets, and shelters and rescues overflowing with rescued rabbits, clearly there is much that still needs to be done.

NRLB’s mission is to improve the lives of all rabbits, with a special focus on the abandoned ones.  The goals of providing rescue, refuge, education and advocacy for rabbits are lofty ones and may seem unreachable.  But as my fall down the rabbit hole has taught me, always be ready for the unexpected and never stop believing that anything is possible.  For you see, until there is no rabbit left behind to suffer on the streets, in the parks and elsewhere, my journey can never end.

Cindy Howard

Here are the two sweet rabbits, Lucky and Dodger, who got me started on my journey. Sadly they both passed away while waiting to find forever homes.

IMG_1278   IMG_4508