BC SPCA’s Book Review

Thanks to the BC SPCA for their review and recommendation of The Rabbit Rescuers!

“The story is both gripping and heartwarming, strengthened by the fact that the setting is a real-life park and the rabbit characters are loosely based on real-life rabbits and their harrowing experiences. By giving abandoned rabbits a voice, the author brings into focus the plight of pet rabbits everywhere who have been left outdoors to fend for themselves.

Just as importantly, The Rabbit Rescuers shows young readers the power they have to make a difference. They will undoubtedly be able to relate to the kids in the book: their frustration in the face of animal suffering, their desire to help and their joy at seeing their hard work pay off. Young readers are sure to follow along with pleasure as Kate and Zack open themselves up to new friendships and experiences.”

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